Alex and Marion

Alex grew up in North London in the Hampstead and Highgate area. In the 1970’s he left the grey and dreary U.K. and followed his elder brother to the lotus land that was Vancouver. In British Columbia, the Robertson brothers discovered tree planting and realized that compared to back home this was a pretty good way to make a living. And living in Vancouver in the winter collecting E.I wasn’t so bad either.

After working for tree planting contractors Alex and a group of tree planters formed a workers owned tree planting cooperative which they operated for many years. After his tree planting career ended Alex had a number of different jobs. He has worked as a landscaper and for a property management company maintaining rental properties and he operated his own handy man company for a couple of years. Since 2005 he has been working as bus driver for the Sunshine Coast Regional District and he is retiring at the end of April.

Marion grew up in northern B.C. in Prince George. After high school she went to UBC and received her B.A. in history and political science in 1986. She spent the next 10 years tree planting, teaching English as a second language and travelling. In 1996 when her knees starting telling her that tree planting days were numbered she went back to UBC and got her law degree. By this time she had met Alex. Since 2003 she has been working as a Crown Counsel, first in Fort St John and then in Sechelt. 

Alex and Marion met tree planting and their romance blossomed in a “shaker’s camp” on the north end of Vancouver Island watching videos of classic westerns such as Lonesome Dove, The Shooting of Liberty Vance and Once Upon a Time in the West.

They have no children and currently have an elderly dog and a not quite as elderly cat. They have been interested in co-housing for some time and wanted to find a project that was well on its way. They learned of the West Wind Harbour project and soon realized that it was something that they wanted to become involved in.

Alex has a number of very useful skills. He is a terrific gardener and is very good at building and repairing things. In addition, he has trained himself to repair bicycles. Marion’s legal background is for the most part not very practical (unless you get charged with impaired driving) but she is a good writer and is pretty good at organizing things. They enjoy outdoor activities like cycling and hiking and swimming and hope to do a lot of travelling in the future.