I was raised and educated in Toronto. At age 18, I had the good fortune to work outdoors for a mining company in central British Columbia. BC. It was challenging work but a grand adventure for a kid from Toronto. I fell in love with the beauty of British Columbia and decided then that I would eventually move to BC.

I was a lawyer by profession and retired from practice in 2013. In the latter years of practice, I took training in the Conflict Resolution program at the Justice Institute of BC. I believe that my experiences at the Justice Institute enriched my life significantly and provided skills that are well suited to the consensus-based decision-making principles of co housing.

My decision to become a member of Westwind Cohousing was instinctive. I have discovered and enjoy a community of diverse, warm hearted, motivated, interesting, and active individuals. The consensus-based decision model affords members the opportunity to listen and understand differing views which brings people together in surprising ways and effectively resolves many issues of difference. That process helps foster community.

Sooke is a welcoming community that offers many community-based activities for all interests as well as fantastic outdoor activity opportunities all within easy reach. And of course, there is the incomparable experience of living on the edge of the sea,  

I enjoy adventure travel, cycling, hiking, spending time with friends, exercise and working on the Westwind legal finance and maintenance committees.