Louise was born in England and moved to Australia as a very young child.  After high school, she went off to travel the world for a few years and ended up coming home with a Canadian husband.

She started her career as a women’s shelter counsellor, went on to become a teacher and a professor before moving to Ontario, Canada in 2004 with her husband and two small children.There they owned a resort and a few years later, added a wonderful bookstore to the mix. 

After an extremely difficult set of circumstances which included the death of a close family member, the collapse of her marriage, the closure of her beloved bookstore and a cancer diagnosis, she decided it was time to take stock.  She found mindfulness and became very interested in Buddhist teachings and research on joy and well-being.  

This led her to a place of immense personal happiness and she decided to go back to where her career started, this time using counselling to help other people find joy in their lives.

She now works as a psychotherapist in private practice in downtown Toronto.  Although she loves the work, she finds the big city life exhausting and every day dreams of living by the ocean again, this time surrounded by the wonderfully nurturing community that is WWH.