Michael and Janet

Michael graduated from U. of Guelph in plant science and pursued graduate solar studies at U. of Calgary. ‘Hanger on’ at a commune in the Kootenays starting in 1969. Became a vegetarian in 1971. Travelled the ‘hippie trail’ to India in 1972. Formed a little company in 1976 to promote more responsible living through efficient energy/resource use. Focus has been the design of net zero housing and the promotion of composting sanitation. The latter has been but an excuse to enjoy the outdoors by providing facilities across Canada’s parks. These evangelistic efforts continue somewhat abated to this day. Built a wonderful 3,300 square foot shop/apartment that treats its own wastes, produces more power than it consumes and is self reliant for water through rainwater collection. Doing this feels good.

Janet grew up in a large Italian family (in St. Louis, USA) and that has been a key influence in her life & value of Community. She lived in intentional community in St. Louis as a young adult, and during her years working with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in the Pacific Northwest. Some of her experiences included working in a migrant Hispanic community clinic in Oregon, as well as with Alaska Natives in an Eskimo Village, guided by the values of simple living, social justice, spirituality & community.Read more…

After loving life in Portland Oregon for many years, she moved to Canada to marry Michael and raise two lovely daughters that she admits are her greatest teachers.

Janet has worked for 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner in both Canada and the USA. Currently she works as a Health Consultant/Energy Practitioner with clients all over the world. She looks forward to sharing music, dance, kayaking and other adventures with her CoHo buddies!

Together Janet & Michael have lived in a village of 450 an hour from Calgary where they have appreciated the safety net of support offered by everyone knowing everyone.

They are keenly drawn to group learning/living situations and appreciate the physical proximity to facilitate caring and fun, connection and growth. That’s why marrying was a good idea! That’s why adopting two amazing girls from China (Maya and Xian) was smart. That’s why Westwind Harbour is so attractive!