Regina’s life journey brought her to Canada from Germany 25 years ago. While in the process of finishing her PhD thesis about stereotypes and stereotypes that foster discrimination and can be viewed in a political psychology context influencing society as a whole, life took over and she decided that her MA was good enough. Her work life journey allowed her to dedicate time in trades, as a public servant, in the hospitality industry (on land and in the air). She also encountered some major bumps along the way that required healing, recovery, resilience and initiated life transitions. After much contemplation, guiding the journey more inward and some intuition Regina decided on a major career change and has become a Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor. She still offers some policy management consulting for non-for-profit and local government organizations. After more than 20 years in the NWT she has moved to Victoria where she offers her services from her home-based business.

Her long ago dream about living in community that sometimes got lost along the journey and was rekindled in 2015 when a unsuccessful cohousing project appeared in her life and provided many learning opportunities about the process of forming and developing cohousing communities. When discovering the West Wind Harbour “cohousers” in 2019 those dreams fell on fertile ground. Now in the construction phase of the project, Regina feels honored to have become part of the community and contribute to its thriving and success. Personally, she hopes that this move will create more space for creativity and personal practice for her to continue the journey of transformation and teaching to learn. She is also happy to be closer to her favourite camping, dog walking and kayaking spots.