I grew up on the outskirts of London, on the edge of Epping Forest, enjoying the best of all worlds has become quite a theme for me.

I studied Social Work at Middlesex University in London. I practiced as a Social Worker in the UK for 20 years, mainly working with the families of people with disabilities. My husband and I and our two children came to Canada in 2000. After we landed, we lived in Toronto for two years before relocating to Vancouver. A Canadian now, and proud of it, I still retain my British citizenship. 

I studied energy healing with the Four Winds, founded by Alberto Villodo a few years back. I have recently given workshops on Shamanic story writing. Through Shamanic story writing we can realize that we have a choice in the perspective that we adopt when we describe our life and the things that happen. This realization, can lead us to be in “right relationship” with others and ourselves and set up the conditions for good emotional health. 

I was interested in co-housing for a few years before I found West Wind Harbour. These days I enjoy living on my own, but realized that I needed to be connected to community for my health and wellbeing. The things that sold me on West Wind Harbour were location and people. Our land is situated on the coast, in the midst of nature and yet only 45 minutes from the city of Victoria. Sooke itself is a friendly town with many amenities. The people at West Wind Harbour are interesting and lively minded. There are different personalities and I see that we are enriching each other’s lives as we learn about each other and the business of building a community together.

I have two grown up children who live in Vancouver. I love them both dearly and see them regularly. 

I took a course in Graphic Design in 2001 and I am pretty computer savvy particularly on a MAC. My hobbies include painting, kayaking, dressmaking and poetry and playing the cello; I self-published a book of poems in 2009. I also enjoy walking and hanging out on beaches.

As you can see from my photo I have or rather I had a dog. Mo Died in 2021 and I miss him. Luckily I can enjoy the many wonderful canine characters that live with their human “parents” here at West Wind.