Eila and Mike

Both from Ontario, we met while living in Vancouver in 1990, moved to the Island, have now been married for 28 years and are the parents of four wonderful children.

Recently the three still at home moved out and have started their independent lives, leaving us empty-nesters.

This was the beginning of the search for our next stage in life. Where do we belong? For 27 years, Eila’s main purpose in life was caring for the family. Old fashioned as it was, this was her joy.

Mike has spent a career working with the BC Government.

Growing up in a family of six children, Eila always felt happiest when around those she loved.

Our search has now led us to a new kind of family, the West Wind Community, where the concept of not being lonely is the idea. We so look forward to creating friendships and learning through this wonderful new adventure.