Our Vision

Our Vision is to flourish as a compassionate, diverse cohousing community, living respectfully and lightly on the earth, engaging fully in life as we evolve both individually and as a community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish a vibrant community of architecturally innovative, environmentally sound, strata-titled condos with extensive common facilities that encourage neighbourly interaction while respecting individual autonomy and privacy—an environment that will enrich our lives now and well into our later years, supporting each other to remain independent as we grow in creative community.
Our Values

Collaboration: Our community operates effectively and respectfully through consensus decision-making. This sometimes requires, vulnerability, generosity, patience, perseverance, and pro-active conflict resolution.

Compassion: We are kind, understanding, and open-hearted, mutually supporting each other.

Design: We are active stewards of our scenic waterfront location, balancing aesthetics and functionality to preserve and enhance the natural habitat.

Diversity: We embrace diversity to create a welcoming community with wide perspectives.

Health and Wellness: We are actively involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by:

  • fostering caring and supportive relationships
  • encouraging independence
  • being responsible for our own health and personal care.

Play and Connection: We are a sustaining community that thrives on fun, creativity, and celebration.

Respect: We honour and support the value and dignity of each person.

Responsibility: We balance collective responsibility with individual accountability to contribute to the maintenance and well-being of our community and the environment.

To book a tour or get more information, please email info@westwindharbour.ca