Louise was born in England and moved to Australia as a very young child.  After high school, she went off to travel the world for a few years and ended up coming home with a Canadian husband.

She started her career as a women’s shelter counsellor, went on to become a teacher and a professor before moving to Ontario in 2004 with her husband and two small children. There they owned a resort and a few years later, she added a wonderful bookstore to the mix. 

After a divorce, health scare and recession upended her life, Louise decided to go back to school and become a pyschotherapist/counsellor.

After working for many years in private practice, Louise’s kids convinced her to move to BC and she now works for a local non-profit managing counselling and intensive family support programs and does private practice on the side.

She loves painting, yoga, dance, photography, hiking, independent films, and going on adventures.

Louise is loving living on the ocean and being surrounded by her wonderful friends at WWH.