Jessy and Ed

We met, in Calgary, through a mutual friend and soon became quite inseparable. We were married almost two years later. We are attracted to cohousing as we understand and have witnessed the effects of community…

Poul and Mary

Poul and Mary were considering forming their own cohousing when they met the members of West Wind Harbour Cohousing and saw the spectacular property. Within days they knew they belonged.

Marion and Alex

Alex grew up in North London in the Hampstead and Highgate area. In the 1970’s he left the grey and dreary U.K. and followed his elder brother to the lotus land that was Vancouver. In British Columbia, the Robertson brothers 


I came to Canada in 1975 and for the first 25 years I worked in accounting and business administration, had two beautiful sons who are in their thirties now, and eventually ended up in university again…

Dulcie and Adrian

Our friendship began 41 years ago when we met as students at Queen’s University in Kingston ON. We were married in Calgary, Adrian’s hometown, and raised our 3 (now grown) children.


Having lived on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts—and in the middle —I am looking forward to coming home to Vancouver Island after too long away. Recent visits have reminded me that my life just makes more sense when I am close to


I was raised and educated in Toronto. When I was 18, I had the good fortune to travel across Canada by train and work in the bush around Lake Babine in central BC. It was hard work but a grand adventure for a kid from Toronto.


Louise was born in England and moved to Australia as a very young child.  After high school, she went off to travel the world for a few years and ended up coming home with a Canadian husband


Born and raised in Germany, I have gradually moved further west from Toronto, where I started my new life as a Canadian, first to Thunder Bay, then to Minneapolis, then Calgary and soon to Vancouver Island.

Kate and Steve

Kate’s husband and Steve’s wife died just 17 days apart from one another. A mutual friend introduced Kate and Steve to each other some months later. Sharing such an enormous life event brought them together…


I grew up on the outskirts of London, on the edge of Epping Forest, enjoying the best of all worlds has become quite a theme for me. My education revealed a great interest in science and a love of the Arts.

Harry and Sissel

Harry and Sissel were born and raised on two different islands on the west coast of Norway, Harry on Radoy and Sissel on Fedje. They met at high school and married in 1974, almost 20 and 22 year of age.

Sally and Paul

Finding ourselves single after lengthy marriages, we each took a chance on online dating and – much to our surprise – it worked! We’ve been happily together in Vancouver since 2012 and married in 2015. Second time around really is…


I’m attracted to Westwind Harbour for many reasons- most importantly, the community that is gathering in our beautiful coastal haven by the sea. I found cohousing over 20 years ago with a friend who became my next-door neighbor at…

Rick and Linda

Rick and Linda are both retired healthcare administrators. Linda managed dental / oral surgical practices and Rick was a senior healthcare executive. They met after Rick retired and moved from Winnipeg to Sooke.

Linda and Patricia

We first met in 1981 in London, England but did not get to live together until 2003 and we married in 2006. As a same-sex couple (Linda British, Patricia American) we could not find a country in which we could legally live as a…


I love being outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking and swimming. I use my yoga mat quite a bit to ground myself. Knitting also helps me slow down. I meditate most mornings to start off the day.


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I grew up with the Rocky Mountains as a constant physical presence, so mountains mean home to me. West Wind Harbour not only enjoys panoramic mountain views but also has the delightful bonus of the ocean at its door. 

Mike and Eila

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Cohousing has never attracted me, even though most of my family lives in 3 different co-housing communities in BC. I attended the Building Community workshop in July 2016 to see what my sister Carollyne was getting into. 


Anticipating retirement from a rewarding career in non-profit management; I am an action-oriented person, and have a passion for adventure and making things happen. What could be a better outlet than this co-housing…

Irene and Brian

Brian and Irene decided to leave the family farm in Manitoba and join the West Wind Harbour Cohousing community after spending a month’s holiday in Sooke in 2016. We fell in love with the area – flowers in February!

Janet and Michael

Michael graduated from U. of Guelph in plant science and pursued graduate solar studies at U. of Calgary. ‘Hanger on’ at a commune in the Kootenays starting in 1969. Became a vegetarian in 1971.