I’m attracted to West Wind Harbour for many reasons- most importantly, the community that is gathering in our beautiful coastal haven by the sea. I found cohousing over 20 years ago with a friend who became my next-door neighbour at Windsong in Langley. It reminded me of the tightly knit village on the edge of Quebec City where I grew up. Our family celebrated my son’s 10th birthday on move-in day at Windsong in 1996. He still lives there with his wife and my one year old granddaughter, Gemma.

I moved into my next cohousing home at Quayside in North Vancouver 5 years ago. One of my favourite volunteer activities there is chairing the Thriving Team, where we pay attention to ways we can increase our collective quality of life. I guess I’m just a co-houser for life!


In the rest of my life, I have a thriving coaching business that takes me into interesting places to work with leaders and their teams. I also teach the Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University- just 30 minutes from my future home. My corporate work takes me on the road frequently, which is why I appreciate my home even more.

I also love travelling for pleasure, and have been on all continents except Antarctica. On my most recent trip to Ireland I spent a week in cooking school. I have a beloved collection of international recipes to share with my new neighbours.

My hobbies include following my daughter Juhli and her Company B Jazz Band to great concerts, and my son, Chef Russell to his restaurants. I look forward to being fed and entertained for the rest of my life! Another passion is conducting ceremonies – celebrations of life, weddings, and other milestones. I am looking forward to celebrating many moments of delight with my community at West Wind Harbour.