I love being outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking and swimming. I use my yoga mat quite a bit to ground myself. Knitting also helps me slow down.  Rin and i meditate most mornings to start off the day. And i often have my nose inside a book! reading about adventures lived and to discover new ways to think and to eat!

I enjoy making coloured pencil drawings and allowing my watercolours to speak. I also love writing and illustrating. One day i would like to illustrate and to write a book! I taught art for many years as well…in Africa, in B.C….with teenagers and with adults.

For 25 years i have been practicing massage therapy, 16 years now in Skokie. I am a RMT by training but i think I am always learning about embodiment with the people who entrust me to unwind places of mind-body tension. It is a miracle every-time…witnessing how people heal themselves. I liken this work to that of a sherpa; i accompany a journey.

Rin and i have explored quite a few cohousing projects in theory and WWH is the one we chose to jump into. Partly because of its location on a lovely waterfront property, partly because of the intriguing folk who are gathering, and partly because we are getting older and it is time to live the experiment and to surprise ourselves with our discoveries…challenges and all!




Rin was attracted to our WestWindHarbour community in its pioneer stages….when Harry and Sissel called together the first cohousing meeting to see if there was any interest in this project. Rin had long been intrigued by a more conscious way of living and eldering. Perhaps with a touch of reluctance…he was willing to challenge his hermit ways and to take the scary plunge.

Rin was a peaceful father, Organic Chemistry professor, photographer, artist, bodyworker, triathlete and marathon runner. He loved drinking a mug of sweet black coffee or sipping a glass of his home-made blackberry wine, reading his literary novels (3 at a time..!), hiking into the Sooke hills, travelling back to visit his family in The Netherlands, listening deeply to people’s stories, laughing and thinking, and sharing his sparkling charm!

Sadly, Rin died this year in Ayre Manor after 4 years of living with Alzheimer’s. Our community carries his kindness and enthusiasm for adventure forwards with us.