Poul and Mary

Poul and Mary were considering forming their own cohousing when they met the members of West Wind Harbour Cohousing and saw the spectacular property. Within days they knew they belonged.

The two of them are active, hardworking, social people who love to laugh and enjoy life. Poul came from Denmark as a child, growing up in Burnaby; Mary lived in Sooke as a teenager. They met in Victoria at a singles dance after ending up on their own. They have five grown children and seven grandchildren between them from their first marriages.

Poul is a retired software engineer who worked at Microsoft Research and various other companies over a three decade span. Mary is a retired Victoria PE and Math teacher with a Masters degree in Administration and Curriculum.

Poul is involved with an active writer’s group and is developing a Speculative Fiction series of novels. He has had volunteer training in counseling and hypnotherapy along with early career experience in real estate and carpentry.

Mary, who was a member of Canada’s International basketball team, was featured in the NetFlix documentary, Age of Champions, plays senior volleyball, and dragon boats. She is a certified Life Coach.

Poul loves to invent and design solutions to complex problems, (eg. 3D printed electric wheelbarrow); Mary zones out while doing jigsaw puzzles and writing poetry. They love to dance, enjoy their new friends, and intend to fill the coming years with adventures.