Stephanie and Chris

We have been looking for an Island property for almost 4 years – without success. After we fortuitously stumbled upon West Wind Harbour Cohousing, we made the decision to purchase very quickly. Quite astonishing considering we are lifelong renters and this is our first home purchase! We were immediately captivated by the cohousing ethos and the welcoming, diverse and generous West Wind Harbour community. And then there’s the amazing location and view…!!

We would like to move from Vancouver to Sooke immediately but have 2 young adult children – Harriet and Simon – and jobs we can’t quite retire from. We will rent our unit for a few years. We are most excited about the shared spaces – exercise room, sewing room, workshop, dock and rooftop deck. The optional shared meals and activities are also very appealing. Among the most amazing benefits of WWH, are the strengths, intelligence and skills of its members. Their enthusiasm, energy and kindness is very inspiring and makes consensus decision-making and working on Cohousing projects very easy!

We both grew up on Vancouver Island but have lived in Vancouver for almost 30 years. Chris is an Administrator for a research facility at UBC and Stephanie is a Public Librarian. Harriet and Simon are both at university – at UBC and Thompson Rivers. Eliza, our lovely Goldendoodle is our third ‘child’! Our family spends as much time as possible – between baseball, basketball and soccer games! – at our cabin on Mudge Island. Stephanie’s passions include cooking, baking bread, beach walks and all textile crafts especially those that involve wool. Chris is a devoted sports fan and weekend putterer with many projects on the go. Lifelong learning is important to both of us and we see lots of opportunity for that at WWH. We feel so lucky to have found West Wind Harbour and can’t wait to move to Sooke!